Jealousy and Abusive Relationships

Now on The Beat 94.5’s top 20 playlist, Chromeo’s song “Jealous” plays through the radio every hour for our listening enjoyment. While I have to admit I sing along on my commute to work, loving the thought of “destiny [that has] us intertwined”, I also have to criticize the messages this song pumps out.

This song is essentially about a partner, presumably a cis male like Chromeo himself, giving voice to the jealousy he feels over his girlfriend/partner when she is around “other guys”. This jealousy, however, crosses the line into possessiveness pretty quickly. The melody may be upbeat and light, but lyrically this song has a underlining tone of danger and abuse. The speaker experiences jealousy, yet is “too cool to admit it” and therefore suppresses his emotion for appearances. This resembles all to closely real-life abusers who maintain a respectable face for the public, yet possess a monstrous identity within. Continue reading