About This Feminist Blogger


I am a self-identified nerd, bookworm, and feminist. I attend a medieval fair every summer with my dad where we watch mediocre jousting and shoot replica bows at hay-bale targets. I love all things dragon, and have long been on the hunt for some fierce-looking dragon bookends. When not collecting frogs and bugs in the ditch along my street, my childhood self was immersed in fantasy novels like “The Fionavar Tapestry”, “The Wheel of Time”, and “Eragon”.

This spring I accomplished something I’ve always wanted to do: graduate from university. I earned my Degree in English Literature with a minor in Sociology after four and a half years of late nights in the library, shitty part-time jobs, and more than a handful of Impark tickets. My first introduction into feminist thinking came when I took a Sociology 101 class. My professor, whose age could have been anywhere from late thirties to early fifties, showed me what a woman with a little bit of knowledge could achieve. To my first year mind, she was empyral. She took immediate command of the classroom, tossing out jokes like an experienced comedian, scribbling ideas rapid-fire in her awful handwriting all over the whiteboard, spouting quotes from Foucault and Marx like she had drinks with them just last night. Something about her identity both as a qualified and engaging professor as well as a confident and knowledgeable woman in a position of power had me in awe. I continually work towards my perception of her successful, incredible life.

Since her class, I’ve engaged in my studies from a feminist perspective. I continued to major in literature, my first passion, but did so with an eye for the treatment of women in fiction and an eagerness for female authors. I’m passionately consumed with the idea of art as a medium through which to gain insight into society, whether its 17th century Victorian society or our current hypothesis of future millennia societies and how they will operate. I’m fascinated by how macro societal institutions like government and schools influence and shape the micro, the individual lives of women across the globe. I’m infuriated by how magazines and movies shape the way I view my own body and how the media influences the way I interact with it. I’m terrified of how my Catholic upbringing has affected my pathology and damaged my sexual growth and identity.

With this blog I hope to learn more about my and other women’s current place in the world, the position women wish to inhabit in the world, and how to make the two meet.

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